Occupational hazards

Must get out of the habit of watching Today Tonight with a laptop.

Their reporter (in a very serious voice): The trouble is, no-one knows how many people are working three or more jobs.

Me: Really? Surely we could look at the 2005 wave of the HILDA survey. Here we go, variable ecanjobs. OK, tabulate it for people in the labour force. Ah, there we go. The answer is 7.85%.

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2 Responses to Occupational hazards

  1. Damien Eldridge says:

    You should probably stop watching Today Tonight period!!! I mean, I know we’re not supposed to quibble over preferences and all that, but really!!! 😉

  2. ChrisPer says:

    Perhaps you could send the tip to Media Watch? After all, its a piece of obscurantist bullshit that probably means ‘we didn’t check the facts’.

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