Economic Exposition

For the last decade or two, ANU and the University of Western Australia have been running a conference for PhD students. As well as being a chance for final-year PhD students to present their work, it’s the closest thing that we have to a job market for Australian PhD students. It was at ANU in 2006, and this year, it’s being held at UWA, from 31 October to 2 Nov (details here).

Now the folks at Monash are setting up another conference for economics PhD students to present their work. It’ll be held from 21-22 Feb 2008, and they’re generous enough to fly presenters to Melbourne. Paper submissions close 15 Oct. Details here. So if you’re an economics student looking for a place to sharpen your presentation skills, there’s now twice as many opportunities available.

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  1. Damien Eldridge says:

    Why not do what they do in the US and set up a formal job market at the ESA annual conference? It is in September each year, which should leave enough time for semester one starts.

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