Young (Progressive) Writers Competition

The Australian Fabians are running a young writers’ competition, for those aged 18-28. First prize is a trip to London, to work in the thinktank Demos for a month. Second prize is the chance to intern at Demos Australia (aka Per Capita). Entries close 10 December. Details over the fold.

 Australian Fabians Young Writers Competition

** Write an opinion piece **
** Get published in The Australian **
** Spend a month with the UK’s leading think tank **

What are the most important issues facing Australia today? What practical policy solutions do you have to address those problems? Can you convince people of your argument in 1,000 well-written words?

The Australian Fabians Young Writers Competition for the Race Mathews Award is open to all young political thinkers and activists in Australia aged 18 – 28. We want to hear your view on any policy issue relevant to Australia in 2007.

— Opinion pieces can be on any policy issue facing Australian progressive politics today.
— Entries should be no longer than 1,000 words, with no footnotes
— Entries will be judged for their originality, fluency of style and their practical solutions to current issues

This competition is an exciting chance for progressive young writers to challenge themselves and share their ideas with leading progressive politicians and the Australian public.

** First prize: A return economy class airfare to London and a month-long internship at Demos, one of the UK’s leading think tanks. A small living allowance will also be provided and the winning article will be published in The Australian newspaper.

** Second prize: A one month internship at Per Capita, Australia’s newest progressive think tank (in Sydney or Melbourne).

Entries are due by Monday 10 December and can be submitted at

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7 Responses to Young (Progressive) Writers Competition

  1. ChrisPer says:

    We need a smiley for ‘disgusted head shake’.

  2. And the prize is that you get to work for free for the prize’s sponsors? This won’t pass the fairness test.

  3. Kevin says:

    Nothing will pass the fairness test with the backlog of 142000!

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  5. Julian says:

    I had an idea for an entry, but then found out who fabian were. I dont think my entry would stand much chance… 😦

  6. Andrew Leigh says:

    Julian, the CIS also runs an essay competition, called the Ross Parish Essay Competition. This year’s deadline has passed, but I expect you’ll find application details on that website next year.

  7. This is the second Young Writer’s competition by the Fabian Society. I submitted a paper to the first on the topic of the Indigenous Knowledge economy, located here…

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