Bringing Home the Bacon

In mid-2006, I released a paper on the distribution of electoral pork during the 2001-04 cycle. Now, some digging by SMH journalist Mark Metherell has unearthed some more recent programs that seem to have a strong political skew. Although 59% of major party electorates are held by the Coalition, 73% of the grants that he found (and 74% of the money) went to Coalition seats. Here’s the full story.

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3 Responses to Bringing Home the Bacon

  1. Eric says:

    How much of this is a city/country effect? If you just look at the metro areas you’ll be better able to make a judgement.

  2. ChrisPer says:

    Also, which ones WERE Labor seats and are now Liberal? Seems like pork should concentrate on marginal seats.

    I am told that our primary school (state) gets less funding because of high average family income; yet the better-off in our locality who drive that statistic up mostly go to private schools. The rest of us pay very high fees to make up to what a less-well-off district gets straight from the Government. My conclusion: safe Liberal seats may not see as much pork.

  3. EconoMan says:

    Not having investigated it much, but the news stories matched your paper findings too. I.e. wasn’t so much porking the marginals as it was rewarding the base…

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