Labor Wins

There’s no sign yet of a concession speech from the PM, but there seems little doubt that Labor’s won. I might post something more substantial later, but since I just had my first call from a journalist asking how well the polls and punters performed, I thought I’d make the simplest point – that shortest price 2PP band was 53-53.99%, and the current AEC 2PP vote is 53.8% (Labor’s previous best 2PP vote since World War II was 53.2% in 1983). But as the results firm up, if anyone wants to compare Simon Jackman’s election-morn seat-by-seat odds with the actual results, please post in comments.

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  1. parkos says:

    1.So will Kev toe the line? Or will he and his mob flex their fannybaws and end up as material for Midnight Oil lyrics?

    2. Or has there been a geopolitical shift that theoretically allows Australian leaders to pursue the interests of Australia?

    3.Does Beijing’s influence at ANU and in Canberra act as counter balance to covert control of Australian political life from the US?

    You are well placed to comment on this having attended the school of government at Harvard.

    4. Or are these bloody obvious questions that can wait until the euphoria/melancholia/indifference subsides?

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