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Inequality Reading

I’ve just finished reading two books about inequality. One is a beautifully written (and short) tome by Robert Frank, entitled Falling Behind: How Rising Inequality Harms the Middle Class. Over the years, many people have argued that one of the costs of inequality … Continue reading

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I just finished putting together my 2007 publications for our departmental administrator (as part of DEST’s grand cataloguing process, all universities report publications annually). I predicted in March that I’d get 6-7 published articles in 2007. In the end, I … Continue reading

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Staying at School Ain't Silly

Nicholas Gruen draws my attention to a piece on school completion by CIS researcher Peter Saunders (based on a longer paper here), who argues: Three-quarters of students currently stay to year 12, and most of them benefit from higher earnings … Continue reading

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Season's Greetings

I’m jumping on a plane to the US on Monday, and Tuesday is apparently some holiday or other. So I may be a little intermittent in my posts over the coming week. However, in early-January I’ll be attending the annual … Continue reading

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It's been a good year for US political comedians

In the New York Times, Daniel Kurztman catalogues 2007’s most laughable US political antics. My favourite paragraph: Best Fodder for the Late-Night Comedians: Senator Larry Craig (R-estroom) gave “new meaning to the word caucusing” (David Letterman) when he was caught … Continue reading

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Charity Rating

Today’s NYT writes up two hedge funders who rate charities on their effectiveness. Their assessment certainly seems more robust than most charity-comparison sites I’ve seen. Their site is, and they have a blog, natch.

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Time for Tables

My final AFR oped for the year is on school reporting (aka league tables). Full text over the fold. ABC Brisbane called me this morning to do an interview on the piece. At the time, I was at home looking … Continue reading

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