Water Talker

At the ANU Economics Showcase this week, the penultimate paper was by Quentin Grafton, who has put together an extremely compelling powerpoint presentation on why prices beat rationing when it comes to water. It occurred to me that this “raise the water price and scrap water restrictions” presentation would work very well for non-economists. Quentin not only knows his material very well, but has quite a knack of conveying it in a jargon-free way, and addressing the various criticisms of his proposal. He’s a busy man, but if anyone is looking for a provocative speaker for a big environmental conference, I’d suggest giving him a call.

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2 Responses to Water Talker

  1. Kevin Cox says:

    Any chance of viewing this presentation – and others from the Showcase?

  2. Andrew Leigh says:

    We didn’t post them on a central website, but you can check each individual’s academic website, and if it isn’t there, drop him or her an email.

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