Should public schools be privatised? Introduction

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Andrew Norton is a researcher with the Centre for Independent Studies, and works in the office of the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Melbourne. He has formerly worked as an adviser to a Liberal Minister. Andrew Leigh is an economist at the Australian National University, and has formerly worked as an adviser to a Labor Shadow Minister.

Despite hailing from opposite ends of the political spectrum, the two Andrews link to and comment on each another’s blogs on a regular basis. So we thought it might be enjoyable for us (and perhaps interesting for others) to debate one another over a topic that we disagree about.

The idea of the discussion is that it’s a bit like the two of us sitting down to breakfast. So each morning, one of us will put up a post. At the end of the conversation (probably six days), we’ll open it up to comments. Think of it as a radio chat with talkback at the end, if you like. All posts will appear on both our blogs.

We decided to kick things off with the topic “Should public schools be privatised?”. Andrew Norton begins with the case for the affirmative.

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