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What I've been reading

So much good stuff I feel spoiled. Paul Collier’s The Bottom Billion is a splendid data-driven romp through development economics, and what we can do to make a difference, particularly when it comes to thorny topics of corruption and conflict (HT: … Continue reading

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More Men, More Crime

From looking at the jail population, we know that blokes in most countries commit at least 4 out of 5 major crimes. But now it looks as though the same is also true in aggregate. More Men, More Crime: Evidence … Continue reading

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Open thread

I haven’t offered an open thread for a while, so here’s one – to discuss Kevin Rudd’s first 50 days in office, whether Australia Day should be scrapped, the state of academia today, or any other topic you please.

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Econ Jobs

The School of Economics at ANU is looking to hire an associate professor. Job ad over the fold, with a closing date of 22 Feb.

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Out to pasture

Much as I enjoy new media, I do find it sad when the old stuff goes. So yesterday’s passing of the Bulletin magazine – after 128 years – is sad indeed. As Laurie Oakes said on PM last night, Time … Continue reading

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There's a bear in there

My oped today is on bulls, bears and efficient markets. Full text over the fold.

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Who cares about inequality?

The Maxwell School has released its latest poll on Americans’ attitudes to inequality. As Norberto Bobbio once wrote, attitudes to inequality are the best way of gauging a person’s position on the left/right spectrum, and their poll strongly reinforces that.

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