Out to pasture

Much as I enjoy new media, I do find it sad when the old stuff goes. So yesterday’s passing of the Bulletin magazine – after 128 years – is sad indeed. As Laurie Oakes said on PM last night, Time and Newsweek simply don’t make up for the Bulletin’s quality of writing. Perhaps the Monthly and the Quarterly Essay will eventually fill the void, but for now, put me in the camp of pining for the ol’ Bull.

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2 Responses to Out to pasture

  1. Kevin Cox says:

    Perhaps it should be heritage listed? It is interesting how we preserve physical items like bridges and buildings even when their functionally has diminished but we don’t do it with our “institutions” and systems. Perhaps the new owners should be required to sell it and not let it close down?

  2. Sinclair Davidson says:

    The “Australia for the white man” Bulletin finally goes and this is a bad thing? Did you notice that the possible replacements are The Monthly and Quarterly Essay – both left-wing publications. Maybe this goes to show that the population has become more right-wing?

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