Thirtysomething Thinkers

Following in the footsteps of the Economic Society of Australia, which last year instituted a biennial medal for the best Australian economist under the age of 40 (and gave the inaugural prize to Joshua Gans), the Italians have decided to do the same. But while the Australian prize has a residency requirement, the Italian one does not (this is the country with diaspora representation in the Senate, after all). And in a country whose stage flair is renowned, the winner delivers a public lecture.

The Italians have chosen UC Berkeley economist Enrico Moretti (1 JPE, 2 AERs, 3 QJEs, 3 ReStats), who will give his lecture in July. I’m hoping that the Australian organisers can follow suit and give Joshua a keynote slot at the Annual Conference of Economists in Sept/Oct.

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