Crikey subs

Club Troppo blogger Nicholas Gruen is looking to secure a group discount on Crikey subscriptions.

Anyone who wants to participate in Troppo’s bulk subscription to Crikey! should email me on nicholas at gruenxxx dot com dot au – and remove those ‘x’s. If you subscribed last year you should get an email from me.

Depending on numbers the cost will be as follows.

3 – 5 Annual Subscriptions: $80 each
6 – 9 Annual Subscriptions: $70 each
10 – 20 Annual Subscriptions: $60 each
20 – 49 Annual Subscriptions: $50 each
50+ Annual Subscriptions: $40 each

Last year we got between 20-49 subscriptions.

And of course remember to contact me if you’ve changed your email from last year.

Save money and generate a positive externality to other blog readers – what could be better?

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