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Do kids do better with bigger classes and well-paid teachers?

We may soon find out. The New York Times reports on a school that’s taking a punt on the growing body of teacher quality research, opting to pay its teachers seriously good salaries. A New York City charter school set … Continue reading

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Free to Choose?

My friend Gigi Foster is running a fascinating workshop on ‘Managing Selection in the Analysis of Economic Outcomes’ at the University of South Australia from 28-29 July. There’s no registration fee, and she has arranged for the splendid Bruce Weinberg … Continue reading

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The New Economics of Smoking

On 8 April, Francesca Cornaglia is giving a lunchtime lecture at ANU on ‘The New Economics of Smoking’. All welcome. Flyer here.

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The Lake Wobegon Effect

I’m teaching introductory economics to Masters of Public Policy Students at ANU’s Crawford School this semester. As an opening exercise, I gave the students an ‘economic literacy’ test. At the end of the quiz, I asked them: Looking around the … Continue reading

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Which teacher credentials might matter?

Another neat paper on teacher value-added contributes to the growing consensus around the factors that help identify effective teachers. From How and Why do Teacher Credentials Matter for Student Achievement?, by Clotfelter, Ladd and Vigdor: Our findings for the experience … Continue reading

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Fair Merit Pay Schemes, Part VIII

In discussing teacher merit pay in Australia, many commentators take the chance to beat up on teacher unions for opposing it (either directly, or indirectly by dressing up pay-for-credentials schemes as merit pay). I’ve generally tried to avoid such an … Continue reading

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Web 2.0, Human 1.0

I’m in the midst of upgrading to the latest version of WordPress. Apologies if it takes a few days to get the house in order.

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