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Success has many parents…

Last week, I wrote up the 2020 summit idea of providing a HECS discount in exchange for volunteering in a disadvantaged community. In today’s Higher Ed section of the Australian, Andrew Darbyshire claims credit for the notion. I don’t doubt that … Continue reading

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Australians just say no

Harry Clarke, the only economist in the country who consistently blogs on drugs (sorry Harry, couldn’t resist) posts on Australian drug use trends. It’s a fascinating read. Frankly, I’m a little surprised that usage of most drugs seems to be … Continue reading

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Videminar or Semivid?

Economics RSSS will be hosting our first video seminar tomorrow (Tue 29th), featuring John Quiggin. It will take place in the Baume Theatre in ANU’s Peter Baume Building, from 1-2pm. Frustratingly, the seminar clashes with a prior engagement of mine (I’m speaking at the … Continue reading

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Wanted: Econ PhD students

My economics group – in the Research School of Social Sciences at the Australian National University – is seeking PhD students. Here’s a one-page flyer, and a more detailed document about our program.

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Strict deadlines and public humiliation

My co-author Bruce Chapman has substantial administrative responsibilities, which are invariably urgent, and therefore tend to crowd out research. Our paper requires some relatively minor edits before going out to a journal, and the necessary changes are up his alley. So he emails … Continue reading

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Randomised trials… in education

My friend and coauthor Joshua Gans has two blogs. When he’s not blogging about new innovations in economics on Core Econ, he’s offering new insights on parenting at Game Theorist (which has led to a book, Parentonomics, forthcoming in August 2008). One of … Continue reading

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LEW @ QUT in 2009

I’ve spent the last couple of days at the Australasian Labour Econometrics Workshop, which I co-organised with my ANU colleague Bob Breunig. Here’s the program, if anyone is interested. We don’t have the papers up on a website, but you … Continue reading

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