In the weekend AFR, Dierdre Macken has an article on the steady expansion of economic research into non-traditional areas (or as she calls the phenomenon, ‘Everythingonomics’). The article profiles Justin Wolfers, Tim Harford, and yours truly; and also has some commentary from Australian Sociological Association president Michael Gilding.

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  1. Verdurous says:

    Well done Andrew on the coverage. Nice photo of you there, and Justin hasn’t changed much over the years.

    ..however….”Freakonomics” or “everythingonomics” has been around for many decades. It’s just that it used to be called “statistics” or “sociology” or “epidemiology”.

    It is great that economics is branching out though. And particularly heartening to see the focus on experiments, which you advocate for so well.

    All said and done – we will need more transdisciplinary thinkers in the future – from all sorts of backgrounds. 2020 sounded like a blast.

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