Globalisation and the Great Divergence

Jeff Williamson, the man who taught me economic history, is 73 and still researching as actively as ever (his CV lists his first published paper as 1957). On Wednesday the 23rd, Jeff is speaking on the topic of ‘the great divergence’. He’s a splendidly enthusiastic speaker – the talk is free and open to the public, so if the topic interests you, do come along.

4.30-6pm, Wednesday 23 April
Innovations Lecture Theatre (Building 124), ANU,
Jeffrey Williamson
Laird Bell Professor of Economics, Harvard University
Globalisation & the Great Divergence
In this lecture Professor Williamson assesses the rising Gross Domestic Product per capita gap over the period 1782 and 1913 between today’s rich countries and developing countries – the great divergence. His lecture offers evidence that from 1870-1939 a faster rise in export prices versus import prices raised long-run growth in rich countries but did not do so in poor countries. Poor countries’ relative economic performance also suffered because the volatility of the index of export to import prices between 1820 and 1870 was greater than for rich countries.

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