Videminar or Semivid?

Economics RSSS will be hosting our first video seminar tomorrow (Tue 29th), featuring John Quiggin. It will take place in the Baume Theatre in ANU’s Peter Baume Building, from 1-2pm. Frustratingly, the seminar clashes with a prior engagement of mine (I’m speaking at the Melbourne Institute’s quarterly luncheon in the Hyatt), but you are encouraged to attend if you would like to see (a) Quiggin, and/or (b) your first videoseminar. John’s topic is “Discounting and Intergenerational Equity”.

Like John, I have high hopes for this technology helping to reduce the time cost and environmental impact of academic travel. We’ll never eliminate face-to-face conferences (nor would we want to). But I could easily imagine that in five years’ time, half our seminar presentations might be via videoconference, many of those by overseas presenters.

Update: JQ posts on the experience, and puts up his slides.

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  1. Kevin Cox says:

    What time of day?

  2. Peter says:

    Hi Andrew,
    on the topic of Videoconferences, I thought I’d put a plug in for the Global Development Learning Network (GDLN) which is based in the Crawford School at ANU. The GDLN’s primary function is providing training and education programs via video-conferencing facilities. We develop a wide range of seminars from roundtables, weekly training events up to delivering Masters level programs via the video-conferencing technology. The GDLN has 130 multi-media centres around the world, and can connect into any site that has video-conferencing facilities.

    So if there are any academics/colleagues who are keen to embrace the benefits of such technologies, they are more than welcome to get in contact with us and we can assist in putting together whatever type of program or seminar they would like.

    It’s a fantastic technology and has heaps of potential!

    (people can get me on +61 2 6125 5559 or you are more than welcome to provide my email address on the blog if that’s suitable Andrew)


  3. Andrew Leigh says:

    Thanks Kevin, now updated. Peter, feel free to post your email address in another comment.

  4. Christopher says:


    timing of the vidiminar is very unfortunate – Stephen Howes is talking at the Crawford School on ‘Emissions in the Platinum Age’ at 12:30 to 1:30 on the same day.

    How about a vodcast? 🙂


  5. Peter says:

    Thanks Andrew,

    Those interested in the GDLN or using video-conferencing facilities at ANU can contact me at:


  6. Peter says:

    Stephen Howes seminar is to be video recorded and will be available for viewing on the Crawford website in the coming days (as are the majority of Crawford Seminars). This may solve your problem of trying to be in two places at once.

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