Getting housing policy right

Adrian Wong has asked me to remind people about the RBA Essay Competition, open to all economics students presently studying at Australian universities. This year’s topic:

Housing Costs and Affordability in Australia

Housing is an important component of household expenditure and household balance sheets. Essays should discuss:

a) how housing costs and affordability have changed in Australia over the past two decades, and the factors that have contributed to these changes; and

(b) whether there is a role for government in improving housing affordability and if so, which policies you would recommend. Take care to explain the efficiency and equity implications of any policies you identify.

Entries close 22 August 2008. First prize is $1500, or 21% of the value of the First Homeowner’s Grant.

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2 Responses to Getting housing policy right

  1. Adrian Wong says:

    Andrew, thank you very much!

  2. Fred Argy says:

    On housing, your readers should get hold of today’s Sunday (Canberra) Times – the feature story and editorial. It seems that Stanhope is on to something.

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