A question of Vice

Who will be Obama’s running mate? According to Intrade, Clinton is the favourite, with a 24% chance. Next in line is Virginia Senator Jim Webb (19%) and Bill Richardson (8%). And reflecting the huge degree of uncertainty in such a pick, “any other” is 31%.

On the red side, Mitt Romney is 21% to be McCain’s running mate (though given how harshly McCain spoke of him, I find this hard to imagine), Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty is 16%, Mike Huckabee is 13%, and “any other” is 43%.

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2 Responses to A question of Vice

  1. Richardson might be a good bet.

  2. Michael says:

    Personally I like the Jim Webb idea – he is a white guy (apparently that matters), is popular, and has the Veteran cred (he was a Marine Officer in Viet Nam) that McCain offers – while still actually being sane.

    On the Republican side – I dont care – just get them out, PLEASE!

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