Are Dismal Scientists Happy?

Spurred by this paper (on how happy Brisbanians think Nobel economists are), Joshua Gans is running a survey on perceptions of the happiness of six Australian econ-bloggers. Go here to complete it.

I think Gans should also compare his externally-rated measures with self-assessment. For example, I’d class myself as “Very happy”.

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4 Responses to Are Dismal Scientists Happy?

  1. Nemanja Antic says:

    Good to see that measuring happiness in terms of external perceptions is getting another look. We always thought that it would be best to compare these against self reported measures, as well as measures by friends and relatives to see if there is any discreptencies in the widely-used self reported survey data.
    I’ve also been following the links to different blogs – I had no idea that this quirky paper was being discussed so widely. Thanks for posting, and for now it’s back to the drawing pad…

  2. Nemanja Antic says:

    The published version is also available online (requires Blackwell Synergy subscription):

  3. Dale Bailey says:

    I am not sure you should use the term “scientists” in this context. The people you are surveying are, to my mind, economists and social researchers. I am a scientist (a happy one) but I question if this work qualifies as objective “science” i.e., a fact or knowledge that exists independent of the observers (ok, I’m neglecting the role of observers at the sub-atomic, quantum level). But we should ask the question whether scientists are happy. I think my US colleagues are not – they see their funding being diverted to pay for the Iraq war.

  4. Tony Beatton says:

    Well Done Nemanja!

    Sometimes we can benefit from a light hearted look at ourselves.

    To Dale Bailey I suggest:

    Smile. Be Happy, King George of Bush is soon departed!

    Science Lives Forever!

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