Powerpoint bleg

I’m a big fan of the look of LaTeX Beamer presentations, but am reluctant to switch over from Powerpoint (partly because of inevitable switching costs, partly because I hear that Beamer isn’t particularly good at handling graphics). Does anyone know of a “Beamer lookalike” Powerpoint template, which has the same look, an outline in the footer/header, etc?

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  1. Rob Hyndman says:

    Andrew. Beamer handles graphics as well as any latex document. You just have to use \includegraphics{..}. I use a lot of graphics in my presentations and I use beamer for all of them.

  2. a student says:

    I second the above, it’s easy.

    However, don’t you think that slide is way too cluttered? One peeve of mine is the toolbar. I must have been in dozens of talks with beamer now, and not once have I seen anyone use the toolbar. And who the hell wants to see the date on every single slide?

    I use beamer myself, but without the headers, footers and the toolbar.

  3. Andrew Leigh says:

    A student, your point is right. Incidentally, it was watching your presentation that first made me think I needed to make the switch.

  4. Patrick says:

    Please keep the date, title and organisation on every slide. How do you have any idea where your slides will end up?

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