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Loyal reader Alistair Campbell, who helped run the Youth Initiative for Progress in Iraq conference last year, is looking for financial and in-kind support to get an Iraqi team to the 2010 World Schools Debating Championship. More details over the fold.

Many of you may have heard about this project, specifically the establishment of the Iraqi schools debating team to compete in the World Schools Debating Championship in Qatar in 2010.  Following the competition it is hoped that 4 representatives from all the schools that have participated will meet and focus on drafting a youth policy regarding the future of Iraq for submission to world leaders.  These programs will focus on developing educational and recreational facilities for Iraqi youth so that they may mature in an environment with greater access to positive and enriching ways to spend their time.

As has been briefly covered in the news the security situation in Iraq is deteriorating, and we are still a long way away from getting a debating team up and running in time for February next year, so in one sense this is a crisis email. If needs be I will spend the months of August and October over in Iraq setting up programs, but at the moment we don’t have the money for this. We will need around $5000US to get this project off the ground initially, and about another $3000US to complete the project. (Please be aware that Iraq-Debate is not yet a registered charity, so donations are not tax deductible).

In short – I’m looking for contacts and ideas – people whom I may contact for letters of support, organisations I can approach to partner with, or groups that I may be able to obtain funding from. I have exhausted my own contact base in Iraq, but am not giving up hope. Political persuasions aside, I believe in the power of people to realise where there is a need, particularly when it comes to youth, and to address that need.  Iraq is in turmoil, and the youth of Iraq can grow up either seeing that the foreign community abandoned them or that they came to their aid when help was most needed.

In addition to these contacts I am currently looking for some people to help me out with some of the workload.  This is what I am in need of currently:

1 x accountant/taxation professional to work pro-bono in obtaining tax exempt status in Australia.

1 x manager of fundraising.

These are not full time positions but will consist of around 5 hours commitment a week. The positions will be voluntary but it is a chance to help out a social start up and is also an opportunity, if you so wish, to travel to Iraq with me and help these projects on the ground. Anyone interested should email me at: <alistair AMPHORA>. If you know of someone who you think may be interested please do not hesitate to forward this message on.

If anyone wishes to contact me to discuss this project please call me on 0431-662-513 (inside Australia) or +61431-662-513 (outside Australia).

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