ESOPs Wane

In writing my oped last week on employee share ownership, I tried to check the most recent figure with the ABS. Unfortunately, it wasn’t in their publication, and they couldn’t supply it to me quickly, so I went with the Aug 2006 figure, which was that 6% of all employees received company shares as part of their remuneration package.

The ABS has today gotten back to me with the Aug 2008 figure. Interestingly, it turns out that the popularity of these plans is waning. By Aug 2008, only 5.1% of Australian employees received share benefits.

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3 Responses to ESOPs Wane

  1. Sinclair Davidson says:

    Not just as popular but with increased participation in the economy?

  2. Invig says:

    A problem I have with Andrew is he never answers my questions on the blog. He has done via email (which I appreciate).

    I wonder how this can be justified given he is receiving a substantial public salary, and some prominence from blogging (perhaps contributing to a recent professorship) at the ANU.

    I think that Andrew, if he wishes to blog on government money, and be given a profile within his department as a result of doing so, should also make an effort to engage with his audience.

  3. Invig says:

    In email correspondence, Andrew assured me that his promotion had nothing to do with his blog, and that the reason for not replying to comments was a lack of time.

    He suggests turning comments off but I recommend a statement that replies will not be forthcoming (which would have to be applied across the board).

    He agreed and I also said he should provide a public defence to that effect. He has not, so I will do so (seeing as he is so busy;). I don’t like my accusation appearing to remain unanswered when it has been (although I don’t see why this comments thread could not have been used for what is a discussion with public implications…).

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