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Ken Henry’s tax review held a conference in Melbourne last week. If (like me), you weren’t able to get there, you’ll be glad to see that PDFs of all the papers and powerpoints are now online. Auerbach and Slemrod’s contributions are particularly recommended.

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  1. Daniel Urquhart says:

    Taxing PRODUCTION is theft pure and simple. The last time I had a look at the reports the review was churning out, they attempted to rewrite economic history, by arguing that there were three factors of production: labour, capital and…wait for it, consumption. Erm, wtf? Whatever happened to….rent? (Although Ken Henry himself has recognised “land” is the best thing to tax, as labour and capital can mobile, while land is not).

    Until the people, in all parts of the world, demand their government abolish ALL taxes (yes ALL taxes) and put a 100% tax on land (so the property market becomes a rental market), it is only then we will a) abolish the trade cycle (every major downturn is preceded by a land boom, indeed “stagflation” was caused by a real estate boom, not oil prices), b) allow people to achieve their full potential (making rents cheaper and not penalising hardwork and production) and c) allowing financial corporations to control the economy. Currently, both capitalists and labour are being exploited by landlords.

    Of course, until our government introduced a “single tax” and people become educated, they deserve the Depression that is coming their way.

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