Comments Policy

A commenter recently reminded me that I haven’t explicitly stated a comments policy for this blog. Since I haven’t gotten around to revamping the sidebar, let me simply post my guidelines:

  1. Please aim to keep comments civil, concise and relevant. I have a low tolerance for personal attacks on other commenters or myself, and will delete such comments. Repeat offenders will be banned entirely.
  2. Feel free to email me (andrew.leigh asperand if you see an ad hominem comment that warrants deletion. I’d prefer to expunge nastiness than create an environment in which anyone feels uncomfortable commenting.
  3. If my spam-blocker doesn’t get them first, I will remove comments with commercial links, or tangentially relevant links that look like an attempt to raise Google rankings.
  4. I would prefer that all commenters use their full real name, including surname.
  5. Pseudonymous or firstname-only commenting is permitted so long as the commenter supplies a valid email address. In this case, the usual rule of one pseudonym per person applies. Rule #1 will be applied more strictly for anyone posting from behind the veil of anonymity.
  6. I typically read all comments, but rarely respond. In 2004-08, I was an active commenter and responder, but after a break from blogging, I’ve realised that while I can probably justify the time spent posting, I can’t justify the time I used to spend commenting. (If it’s any consolation, I intend to use that time playing with my sons.)
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