The 123s of the 456

We’ve just finished watching Torchwood’s new “Children of Earth” series… (Spoiler over the fold)

…in episode four, the British Cabinet have to decide how to choose which 10 percent of children they will feed to the alien named “The 456” (in return for the entire earth not being destroyed).

After discussing the pros and cons of random selection, the Cabinet settle upon the idea of using standardised tests, and giving the alien those students attending the bottom decile of British schools. “After all”, says one Cabinet Minister, “what are the school league tables for?”.

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3 Responses to The 123s of the 456

  1. I have never watched Torchwood but I think I will now!

  2. I also saw Torchwood then a few days later noted that the UK government is proposing to vaccinate their entire country against Swine flu ( I did wonder how people in the UK who’d watched Torchwood would feel about that 😉

  3. Patrick says:

    surely the right answer would have been to devise a test that indicated proclivity to enter politics, and take the top decile…

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