RA work?

I’m presently advertising for a full-time research assistant, on a 12 month (renewable) contract. The skill-set I’m seeking is a convex combination of energy, economics nous, Stata knowledge, and high-level English proficiency (can you find more than 3 errors in this post?). I’m also hoping to find someone who is good at balancing multiple projects (I have about 20 ongoing at present). If you know someone who might be interested, please ask them to apply: the job ad is here, and the ANU closing date is the rapidly impending 22 November.

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4 Responses to RA work?

  1. I’m not qualified to apply for a job like that, but do academics at ANU ever take on undergraduates who help them with research projects for free?

  2. SMITH says:


  3. Enda says:

    1. Currently advertising. Presently implies you haven’t done it yet.
    2. 12-month, rather than 12 month.
    3. I’d personally rather “economic nous” rather than “economics nous”, but the latter is fine.
    4. The Oxford comma following “knowledge” is disappointing, especially from a Commonwealth country!
    5. The full stop after “this post?” is unwieldy.
    6. On-going > ongoing.
    7. Approaching > impending.


  4. kevin denny says:

    I think Andrew is being a little bit devious & with good reason. When I am hiring an RA I want someone who can think for themselves AND is prepared to say what they think. So the job ad’ is perfectly clear and only a pedant would quibble (sorry guys) so I hope any applicant says “Actually, there is nothing really wrong with that post.”

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