Teach for Australia, a new program started this year, is now taking applications for its 2011 cohort. Closing date is 6 April 2010.

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3 Responses to T4A

  1. conrad says:

    Obviously, previous experience and data is no deterrent to running programs like this. If you can’t get decent teachers to go where you want to, well, pretending you can find an alternative must be better than nothing, even if it doesn’t work.

    see e.g., http://www.ncate.org/documents/EdNews/StanfordTeacherCertificationReport.pdf

  2. ChrisPer says:

    Do you recommend T4A, or have any metrics on comparative performance? I just joined a school council and would like to see it encouraging higher rewards for teachers by fostering professional development.

    • Andrew Leigh says:

      Chris, my favourite study on the US TFA program is this one. TFA teachers do about as well as regular classroom teachers, which isn’t bad given the short duration of their training.
      However, I think the main benefits of TFA come from having a cohort of people in government, business and non-gov orgs who have experience of teaching in disadvantaged schools.

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