The link between terrorism and trash collection

I wrote recently about the work that UCSD economist Eli Berman has been doing on the relationship between social service provision and terrorism. His team now has a new website for their research, which Eli tells me will be updated regularly, including with results from Afghanistan.

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One Response to The link between terrorism and trash collection

  1. Baz says:

    Not sure if I agree with this. How else do you explain the rise of the London suicide bombers? They were from middle class well to do families, albeit ones with a particular religious bent (dare we mention the name). Further, if the UK doesn’t consitute social service provision, then I don’t know what society does.

    I’m not saying that these monsters are crazy either. I just think this ‘poverty breeds terror’ line is completely misplaced. It is far more likely that these monsters were propelled by a barbarian ideologue. So forget social service provision, forget increased government. Rather, lets focus on cultural strength, cultural will and root out the underlying ideologue at its core!

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