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Comments Policy

A commenter recently reminded me that I haven’t explicitly stated a comments policy for this blog. Since I haven’t gotten around to revamping the sidebar, let me simply post my guidelines: Please aim to keep comments civil, concise and relevant. … Continue reading

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Where philosophy & policy collide

Andrew Norton is running a survey ‘on how philosophical political identity (classical liberal, conservative, social democrat etc) links to policy attitudes’. It’s interesting and pretty quick (I just did it in 8 minutes), so click here if you have time.

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Blog Back

After an eye-opening secondment at Treasury (when I started in July 2008, people were still talking about skill shortages), this week saw me back at my regular gig at ANU. I’ll miss the rich information flow, the daily policy debate … Continue reading

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Bureaucracy Bound

Today, I’m an academic. Tomorrow, I become a public servant. After some generous arm-twisting from the brother of a famous econ-blogger (and no small amount of flexibility from my senior ANU colleagues), I’m taking a six-month secondment to the Australian … Continue reading

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Economists' emotions: empirical evidence

According to research by Joshua Gans, I am the happiest of the six Australian econ-bloggers in his survey. What can one do but smile?

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Are Dismal Scientists Happy?

Spurred by this paper (on how happy Brisbanians think Nobel economists are), Joshua Gans is running a survey on perceptions of the happiness of six Australian econ-bloggers. Go here to complete it. I think Gans should also compare his externally-rated measures with self-assessment. For … Continue reading

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False Positives

I just recovered a dozen non-spam comments from Akismet. Apologies to those whose comments were caught, and thanks to Matt C for alerting me to the problem. If it recurs, please drop me an email.

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Echo Chambers

A great oped from Nicholas Kristof talks about the problems of echo-chambers in the blogosphere.  This resistance to information that doesn’t mesh with our preconceived beliefs afflicts both liberals and conservatives, but a raft of studies shows that it is a … Continue reading

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Humour research (this is not a joke)

I blogged two April fool jokes this morning – from Joshua Gans and Google. Now that noon has passed, we can ask the question, was I wise to do so? Fortunately, new academic research on the topic sheds direct light … Continue reading

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DC current

My friend Michael Fullilove is spending the year in Washington DC, and has begun blogging on the Lowy Institute ‘Interpreter’ blog, handling topics from the vegemite of national values to whether the press should have reported the Spitzer affair. I’ve added … Continue reading

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WP 2.3.3

I’ve now finished upgrading to the latest version of WordPress, an exercise that always seems to take longer than expected. If anything looks askew, please let me know. Hopefully the only thing you should notice is a new tool making … Continue reading

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Web 2.0, Human 1.0

I’m in the midst of upgrading to the latest version of WordPress. Apologies if it takes a few days to get the house in order.

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Economics Blogger Survey

Aaron Schiff has conducted the first major survey of economics bloggers, garnering 107 responses, of which I’m one. His discussion of the results (and the data for download) are here.

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Geek calls halt

Damien Eldridge (formerly known as Economics Geek) has decided to stop blogging. He tells me that at the end, he wasn’t really enjoying it (but adds “On the other hand, I have been enjoying my academic research recently!”). Sounds a … Continue reading

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Shameless self-promotion

I am, apparently, one of the 100 blogs that every professional investor should read. From Dani Rodrik’s blog, I discover that among his list of 106 economist blogs, mine ranks 52nd. And within that group, I’m apparently 44th in terms of paper citations. … Continue reading

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Open Thread

I’m flying to the UK today, and may not be posting for a few days. So consider this an open thread, to discuss any issues of economics, politics or pop culture that take your fancy.

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I’ve been thinking recently about the different ways that bloggers respond to ideas they disagree with. What’s prompted the cogitation is two experiences with fellow bloggers over the past month. In late-August, after I posted on conflicts of interest, Andrew … Continue reading

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Well, there's spam egg sausage and spam, that's not got much spam in it

Each day for the last three years, I’ve been spending a minute ‘clearing out the trash’ by deleting spam comments that get past my Akismet spam filter. The filter catches about a thousand a day, but a handful typically get past … Continue reading

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On 28 September, QUT lecturer Peter Black will be holding an Australian Blogging Conference in Brisbane. Registration is free. Details here. As Peter describes it: This will not be a conference in the traditional sense.  It will be relatively informal.  … Continue reading

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Web 2.0

I’ve come across two fascinating uses for the Internet recently. My brother-in-law Russell Newman has been involved with a blog discussion of broadband policy by the 2nd-raking Democrat in the Senate, Dick Durbin. Dubbed Legislation 2.0, it’s hoped that the … Continue reading

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KP on teacher performance

Ken Parish has a very thoughtful post on trends in literacy and numeracy standards, merit pay, and the teacher quality debate. I don’t agree with much of it, but the best one can hope for in the blogosphere is to have … Continue reading

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Around the Econblogs

Harry Clarke on why pot should stay illegal. Alex Tabarrok on the stupidity of American legislators giving medals, but not money, for organ donors. Joshua Gans on the economics of music downloading. Greg Mankiw on the Illinois legislators who don’t … Continue reading

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Joshua Gans II

Econblogger Joshua Gans has been a recent victim of identity fraud. Fortunately, he doesn’t seem to have suffered too badly as a result. But the incident has prompted me to rethink the amount of personal information that I have online. So … Continue reading

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Goodnight and good luck

Helen Dale and Mark Bahnisch have both quit the blogosphere – Helen to finish writing a novel, and Mark to focus on other work commitments. I’ve enjoyed their posts, and I’m always grateful for their comments on mine. I look … Continue reading

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Open Thread

I may not be blogging as much as usual this week, so here’s an open thread. Do with it what you will.

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My spam-blocker has been having some trouble lately, first catching a handful of legitimate comments (I see the same happened on John Quiggin’s site), and then allowing a couple of dozen to go through. Please bear with me on the … Continue reading

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A new macroeconomic blog, Global Economy Matters, has just launched. Worth watching, particularly for anyone whose job involves economic forecasting. I’ve added it to the blogroll.

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Best blog posts

The OLO/Troppo best blog posts of 2007 list is burgeoning daily. Lots of great reading; full list here.

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Apologies for the blog-hiatus. Moving house. Pregnant wife. Sunny days. All the regular excuses, really. Anyhow, I’m back at your service now. Thanks to my favourite commenters, who’ve kept on with a stimulating dialogue in my absence.

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Open thread

I’ve just returned from a trip away, and am moving house tomorrow, so apologies for the brief blog hiatus. In the meantime, here’s an open thread – do with it as you will.

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