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Comments Policy

A commenter recently reminded me that I haven’t explicitly stated a comments policy for this blog. Since I haven’t gotten around to revamping the sidebar, let me simply post my guidelines: Please aim to keep comments civil, concise and relevant. … Continue reading

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Where philosophy & policy collide

Andrew Norton is running a survey ‘on how philosophical political identity (classical liberal, conservative, social democrat etc) links to policy attitudes’. It’s interesting and pretty quick (I just did it in 8 minutes), so click here if you have time.

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Blog Back

After an eye-opening secondment at Treasury (when I started in July 2008, people were still talking about skill shortages), this week saw me back at my regular gig at ANU. I’ll miss the rich information flow, the daily policy debate … Continue reading

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Bureaucracy Bound

Today, I’m an academic. Tomorrow, I become a public servant. After some generous arm-twisting from the brother of a famous econ-blogger (and no small amount of flexibility from my senior ANU colleagues), I’m taking a six-month secondment to the Australian … Continue reading

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Economists' emotions: empirical evidence

According to research by Joshua Gans, I am the happiest of the six Australian econ-bloggers in his survey. What can one do but smile?

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Are Dismal Scientists Happy?

Spurred by this paper (on how happy Brisbanians think Nobel economists are), Joshua Gans is running a survey on perceptions of the happiness of six Australian econ-bloggers. Go here to complete it. I think Gans should also compare his externally-rated measures with self-assessment. For … Continue reading

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False Positives

I just recovered a dozen non-spam comments from Akismet. Apologies to those whose comments were caught, and thanks to Matt C for alerting me to the problem. If it recurs, please drop me an email.

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