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Risky Business

On 22 April, I’m launching a project at the ANU Crawford School titled ‘New Social Policy Approaches for Sharing Risk’. More information here, including a flyer.

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’Grist and the Guys in the Gong

On 20 April, Peter Siminski (University of Wollongong) is hosting a workshop on ‘Frontiers in Human Capital Research’ on 20th of April, featuring Josh Angrist (MIT) as the keynote speaker. Here’s the program.

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Wryside on Gender and Competition

My ABC Radio National ‘Wryside Economics’ segment tomorrow (Tue 23rd) will be on gender and competition, riffing off my AFR op-ed on this topic. Jane Caro is standing in for Richard Aedy (who has the flu this week), so you’ll … Continue reading

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New econ-talks

The 2010 Research School of Economics Seminar Series kicks off with two seminars that are slightly out of sync with our regular time slots. Prof Robert Haveman, University of Wisconsin – Madison Friday 12 February, 3:30-5:00pm  Seminar Room E, Coombs … Continue reading

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Supply in Saigon, Heterogeneity in Hanoi, Demand in Danang

My colleagues Brian McCaig and Ha Nguyen are running ANU’s second “Vietnam Economics Workshop”. Their call for papers is over the fold.

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Genes in the Ghetto, Chromosomes in the Kitchen

On Wednesday 16 December, I’m hosting NYU sociologist (and NBER fellow) Dalton Conley, who is giving a public lecture at ANU on his new work at the intersection of the social and life sciences. The talk is free and open … Continue reading

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Experimental Conference

For any economists interested in laboratory or field experiments, Nikos Nikiforakis and colleagues are running a conference in February next year. Paper submissions close on 30 November. Details over the fold.

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Social Mobility Conference

I still have a few spare spaces for my intergenerational mobility conference at ANU on Monday 30 November. The conference will now be opened by Terry Moran, the Secretary of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. So if it’s … Continue reading

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Wryside on Nudging

My Wryside Economics chat on Life Matters tomorrow will be on Nudging. I’ll be on Radio National about 9.15am. If you miss it, the link will be up later that day. Until then, check out the Nudge blog. Update: Here’s … Continue reading

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Happiness Workshop

On very short notice, I’m running a half-day workshop at ANU on ‘The Economics of Happiness’ next Wednesday, 11 November. The program features three stars of the international happiness literature – Paul Frijters, Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers. The flyer … Continue reading

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Let’s get fiscal

My Wryside Economics segment on ABC Radio National this morning is about fiscal policy. I’ll be on about 9.15am, and will post the mp3 link when it’s up. Update: The audio can be downloaded here. My statement about the political … Continue reading

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Free Conference Tickets

I’m speaking at this year’s ‘Policy Exchange’ conference, organised by the thinktank Per Capita. They’ve offered me two free invitations to the conference (valued at $1089 apiece), so I thought it might be nice to allocate them to blog readers. … Continue reading

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The Size of Nations

My Wryside Economics talk on ABC Radio National’s Life Matters program tomorrow is on “The Size of Nations”, a terrific book by Alberto Alesina and Enrico Spolaore, which posits that country size is a tradeoff between the economic benefits of … Continue reading

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Inquiring minds

I’m giving evidence at 10.45am tomorrow to the Senate inquiry into the government’s economic stimulus initiatives.* If you’ve read my paper on the topic, you’ll know everything I intend to say. * Oddly, mine is presently the only submission on … Continue reading

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I’m not sure if he’s an economist, but he does play one on radio

My Wryside Economics talk this morning is on the economics of complexity, with possible references to taxation, mobile phone plans, and jam choice. It should be on at about 9.15am on ABC Radio National. Update: Audio here.

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The Economics of Leadership

Ed Lazear, who does personnel economics (and happens to be one of the best communicators in the profession) is speaking at ANU on 1 October. Details below, flyer here.

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Wryside on Coin-Tossing

My Wryside Economics talk on Life Matters this morning is about randomised trials. Here’s a recent paper on the topic that caught my eye (to get the full thing, click on the title). Cairo Evaluation Clinic: Thoughts on Randomized Trials … Continue reading

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Of Peanuts and Monkeys

My Life Matters Wryside Economics chat tomorrow will be on ABC Radio National, probably starting around 9.20/9.30am. I’ll be speaking about politicians’ pay.

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The Other Idiot Box

Jacob Vigdor, a Duke University economist who does terrific work on education, segregation and immigration, is presently visiting ANU. He’s giving a talk on Friday – details below. Scaling the Digital Divide: Home Computer Technology and Student Achievement (with Charles … Continue reading

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How far does the apple fall from the tree?

I’m thinking about running an ANU conference on intergenerational mobility in December. If anyone in Australia is doing economics or sociology research on this topic (or knows of someone who is), please email me: andrew.leigh asperand

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The kind of conference you’d naturally select

My academic home is the Economics Program in the Research School of Social Sciences (RSSS). Located in a building named after HC Coombs (an economist turned social campaigner), RSSS is comprised of five programs – philosophy, history, political science, sociology, … Continue reading

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Tackling depression

If you’re looking for something to do in Canberra at lunchtime on Friday, I have the answer… From ‘Great Depression’ to ‘Global Financial Crisis’? Historical Reflections 1-2.30 pm, Friday 15 May 2009, Theatrette, Old Canberra House Recent downturns in the … Continue reading

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Garden State Events

I’m giving a couple of talks at Melbourne University over the coming weeks. Details below. Tue 28 April, 3.15 to 4.30pm, Room 427 Economics and Commerce building, ‘Are Racial and Ethnic Minorities Disadvantaged in Australia? Evidence From Three Field Experiments’ … Continue reading

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Housing affordability workshop

For any Canberrans interested in the hot topic of housing prices, we’re running an event on Monday afternoon that may be of interest. Speakers are Brian Howe, Stephen King, and Rob Taunton. Details over the fold.

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Speaking Skeptically

As a teenager, I was a member of the Australian Skeptics. I always used to love reading their newsletters, replete with scientific take-downs of psychics and other charlatans (since 1980, they have offered a cash prize to anyone who proves they … Continue reading

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Tax Seminar – 11 June

My colleague Kazuki Onji is organising a 3/4-day seminar on taxation and public finance at ANU on 11 June. Full details over the fold.

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Videminar or Semivid?

Economics RSSS will be hosting our first video seminar tomorrow (Tue 29th), featuring John Quiggin. It will take place in the Baume Theatre in ANU’s Peter Baume Building, from 1-2pm. Frustratingly, the seminar clashes with a prior engagement of mine (I’m speaking at the … Continue reading

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Strict deadlines and public humiliation

My co-author Bruce Chapman has substantial administrative responsibilities, which are invariably urgent, and therefore tend to crowd out research. Our paper requires some relatively minor edits before going out to a journal, and the necessary changes are up his alley. So he emails … Continue reading

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LEW @ QUT in 2009

I’ve spent the last couple of days at the Australasian Labour Econometrics Workshop, which I co-organised with my ANU colleague Bob Breunig. Here’s the program, if anyone is interested. We don’t have the papers up on a website, but you … Continue reading

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Globalisation and the Great Divergence

Jeff Williamson, the man who taught me economic history, is 73 and still researching as actively as ever (his CV lists his first published paper as 1957). On Wednesday the 23rd, Jeff is speaking on the topic of ‘the great divergence’. … Continue reading

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