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It’s a day of threes for me today. Being the 3rd of the month, I’m now the ripe age of 33. It’d be perfect if not for the fact that I also have to teach a 3-hour class this afternoon….

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Latham Shenanigans

Labor strategists are bound to have twisted knickers this week over the Latham comments. Much like the Blewett diaries, I’m inclined to think that this will pass pretty quickly, and the Labor historians will be better for getting such an … Continue reading

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Resembling Henri

Separated at birth? On the left, former British Labour MP George Galloway, who resigned from the party over Iraq, and just beat the endorsed Labour candidate to win the seat of Bethnal Green and Bow. On the right, Aussie actor … Continue reading

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Lavatory Journalism

Paul Sheehan has been my top pick for Australia’s worst columnist ever since he wrote about the life-saving properties of bottled water. But Sheehan really takes it to new lows today with his column on Stephen Conroy.* When Australian political … Continue reading

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Foreign musings

The Australian media produces a lot of pedestrian and sloppy thinking on foreign affairs. But thankfully, The Australian has in its employ one Michael Costello, the former Secretary of DFAT and later Chief of Staff to Opposition Leader Kim Beazley. … Continue reading

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From Baghdad to Jakarta

With today’s bombing of the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, the issue of terrorism appears set to reclaim the attention of the Australian electorate. The bombing is surely the work of JI, with possible assistance from al-Qaeda, and reaffirms the need … Continue reading

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