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Look at the changes, not at the levels (Part II)

I have a new paper out that looks at the causal impact of caring for an elderly or disabled person. A pretty large literature has suggested that carers suffer large penalties in employment, wages and happiness. But the problem with … Continue reading

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Conference on Intergenerational Mobility

On Monday 30 November, I’m running a conference at ANU on ‘The Economics of Intergenerational Mobility’. This is an area I’ve been interested in since 2007, when I wrote what I’m pretty sure was the first paper estimating the intergenerational … Continue reading

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Was there an original Hawthorne effect?

…apparently not, if Levitt & List are to be believed. The abstract: Was there Really a Hawthorne Effect at the Hawthorne Plant? An Analysis of the Original Illumination Experiments (gated-sorry) Steven Levitt & John List The “Hawthorne effect,” a concept … Continue reading

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