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Let It Rain

I have a new ANU working paper out, titled ‘Precipitation, Profits, and Pile-Ups’.* It arose from an ongoing debate with my wife. She loves it when it rains. I’m normally a bit grumpy about rain. So when she rejoiced about … Continue reading

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Petrol Taxes and Global Warming

We have good evidence that petrol consumption responds to prices, but according to new research from the University of Michigan, the impact of petrol taxes on carbon emissions is pretty small. Here’s the abstract: Estimating the Effect of a Gasoline … Continue reading

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Message to the Coalition: people respond to incentives

I was listening the other day to Tony Abbott claiming that the price elasticity of petrol is zero (Joshua Gans quotes the Coalition’s Greg Hunt making the same claim). It was perhaps the first time that I had heard a … Continue reading

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Starry Starry Night

8pm last night featured a conversation in our house that may have resonated elsewhere: Spouse: OK, 8pm, time to turn off the lights and put on candles. Me: But we have energy-saving bulbs, so surely the candles produce more carbon … Continue reading

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Water Talker

At the ANU Economics Showcase this week, the penultimate paper was by Quentin Grafton, who has put together an extremely compelling powerpoint presentation on why prices beat rationing when it comes to water. It occurred to me that this “raise … Continue reading

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And all the boards did shrink

Every now and then, some crazy economist will come along and argue that if we really want to limit water use, we should scrap quantity controls, put up the price, and compensate low-income households. Of course, this only works if … Continue reading

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Open Agenda

The ANU’s economics policy journal, Agenda, has recently gone open-access. The latest issue includes Boyd Hunter on Indigenous policy, and a three-way discussion on global warming (complete with three-way rebuttal) between Warwick McKibbin, John Quiggin, and Alex Robson.

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