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Don't worry about my driving, the car has airbags

My friend Macgregor Duncan draws my attention to a WaPo piece by Shankar Vedantamon how people undermine government intervention by changing their behaviour.

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Giving economics a sporting chance

My AFR oped today is on sports economics. Full text over the fold.

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Randomised trials… in education

My friend and coauthor Joshua Gans has two blogs. When he’s not blogging about new innovations in economics on Core Econ, he’s offering new insights on parenting at Game Theorist (which has led to a book, Parentonomics, forthcoming in August 2008). One of … Continue reading

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Ayres on Air

Supercrunchers author Ian Ayres was on the BBC program “The Interview” today. For anyone who’s interested in how statistics can change the world, the podcast is here.

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The Market for Street Prostitution

I’m presently at the American Economics Association’s annual meetings in New Orleans, enjoying listening to research on peer effects, teacher labour markets, the economics of the media, and field experiments. But the most entertaining is Steven Levitt’s latest paper, which … Continue reading

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Napoleon as Natural Experiment

Here’s a snippet from the paper “From Ancien Régime to Capitalism: The French Revolution as a Natural Experiment“, by Daron Acemoglu, Davide Cantoni, Simon Johnson & James Robinson: In investigating the relationship between the collapse of the ancien régime and … Continue reading

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He used to rob old ladies, but now he just plays video games all day

I blogged a few months ago about empirical evidence suggesting that pornography might reduce sexual assault (not increase it, as most media and political commentators seem to assume). In a similar vein, a new study on video games seems to … Continue reading

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