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The Size of Nations

Ever wondered why there are so many countries in the world? My AFR op-ed today attempts to provide an answer. Full text over the fold.

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Some shows don’t have cheap seats

My friend Michael Fullilove argues in The Australian that the PM is doing the right thing in seeking a UN Security Council seat. He point out that the cost of a campaign is likely to be around $35 million. This … Continue reading

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The first economist to win a Nobel Prize

Economist Muhammad Yunus, has won the Nobel Peace Prize, for his work on microcredit. From the citation: Muhammad Yunus has shown himself to be a leader who has managed to translate visions into practical action for the benefit of millions … Continue reading

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Backbench Problems

A bunch of young Aussie globetrotters have just started something called the Backbench World Problems Index. In their words: The BWPI is designed specifically to measure coverage of world problems in selected Australian newspapers. The index covers five world problems … Continue reading

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Terrorism and the World Economy

I’m spending the week in Boston, at the National Bureau of Economic Research’s Summer Institute meetings. Over the next couple of days, I thought I might occasionally blog on papers that have piqued my interest. In Terrorism and the World … Continue reading

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Aid & Growth

I just stumbled across a piece by Helen Hughes on foreign aid, published in the AFR on July 9. As with her 2003 work on aid to the Pacific, assertion again takes the place of evidence. Dr Hughes argues that: … Continue reading

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Worldly Advice

1. If you value your free time, do not install Google Earth. 2. If you ignore (1), and would then like to peer over my shoulder as I work, click on the link below. Download GoogleEarth_Placemark.kmz

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