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Social Capital Symposium

I’m running a social capital symposium in Canberra on August 29, featuring Robert Putnam, Michael Woolcock and Paul Frijters. The program is over the fold, and a link to the registration form is below. Unfortunately, we had to cover some … Continue reading

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Economics vs Psychology

Following on from Jason Soon’s Catallaxy post about what economists can learn from evolutionary theory, I thought I should highlight economist Ed Glaeser’s take on the interaction between economics and psychology, which is more critical of psychology than most behavioural … Continue reading

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World Roundup

Harper’s Weekly Review is particularly entertaining this week (thanks to CM for the link). Full text over the fold.

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What's in a Name?

Few people’s names bring a smile to the face like that of Cardinal Sin, who passed away today. The world is poorer for his passing, but at least Richard Face is still alive and well.

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Leadership Without Easy Answers

Economists tend to roll our eyes when we see the word "leadership". But a subject I did at Harvard, based on the work of academic Ronald Heifetz, convinced me that this needn’t be the case.* A friend of mine, Paul … Continue reading

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A Bit Freakin' More

To supplement Dave’s post on Freakonomics, I might point out that Steve Levitt has now followed his Chicago colleagues Gary Becker and Richard Posner, and started his own blog (jointly with his coauthor Steve Dubner). It’s worth a squiz, though … Continue reading

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More Freakonomics

As regular readers of the IA blog know, Andrew is a big fan of young gun economist called Steven Levitt.  Levitt has become famous for using economists’ tools to find surprising answers for all kinds of unusual questions (like the … Continue reading

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