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Crime Conference

The NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics (BOCSAR) is running a conference in Sydney on 18-19 February 2009, and are calling for abstracts. Conference details here (submissions close 11 July). I’m giving a plenary talk, which I’m very excited about. The man … Continue reading

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Better to let 9x9x9 innocent numbers go free?

News that a million-dollar drug trial has been aborted because the jurors were playing Sudoku makes Steven Landsburg’s proposed incentive system suddenly look rather attractive. Weighing evidence is a difficult job. It requires a lot of attention and a lot of energy. … Continue reading

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The Corro

The SMH today reports on an exchange of letters between Reverend Richard Lane and High Court Justice Michael Kirby. The rector of St Stephen’s Church in Bellevue Hill, the Reverend Richard Lane, denounced the judge for calling himself a Christian Anglican … Continue reading

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Registers and Recidivism

From Jonah Rockoff and JJ Prescott comes news that publicly accessible registers of convicted sex offenders (now in place across the US, perhaps coming soon to an Australian state near you) do not unambiguously reduce crime. Do Sex Offender Registration … Continue reading

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What Do Economists Know About Crime?

According to a new paper by Jeff Miron and coauthors, not very much at all. They focus almost solely on time series variation (hence missing some of the more interesting local variation), but the results are provocative nonetheless.

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More Men, More Crime

From looking at the jail population, we know that blokes in most countries commit at least 4 out of 5 major crimes. But now it looks as though the same is also true in aggregate. More Men, More Crime: Evidence … Continue reading

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Store Eschews Cruise Views: Ruse?

According to a report in today’s paper, a couple of major Australian booksellers are refusing to sell a new Tom Cruise biography that is critical of Scientology. Book retailer Dymocks says it will not sell the biography. “We take all … Continue reading

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