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Mind the Gap?

My AFR op-ed today is on the economics and philosophy of inequality. Full text over the fold. I’ve hyperlinked the cited studies. Two others that I can also heartily recommend are a paper by Gary Burtless & Christopher Jencks, and … Continue reading

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Did Howard cut poverty? Absolutely (but not relatively)

Peter Siminski (who is coming to ANU for part of his sabbatical next year) has coauthored an interesting paper in the latest issue of the Australian Economic Review. Changes in Poverty Rates during the Howard Era (gated, alas) Joan R. … Continue reading

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Leisure Inequality

Economists spend a lot of time talking about money inequality, but here’s the flipside. The Increase in Leisure Inequality Mark Aguiar and Erik Hurst This paper examines the changing allocation of time within the United States that has occurred between … Continue reading

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Some Negative Thoughts on Tax Reform

I gave a short talk today to a CEDA Tax Policy Directions Forum in Canberra. My title was “Yet Another Economist Advocating Negative Income Taxes”. My slides are here. (In discussion, I also mentioned that I couldn’t see any economic … Continue reading

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Do neighbourhoods matter?

My AFR oped today looks at social inclusion and neighbourhood disadvantage. Full text over the fold.

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Freeman on Colbert

My former labour economics professor Richard Freeman appeared on the Colbert Report recently, to talk about unions. Tis enjoyable viewing, particularly if you know Richard.

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Making Work Pay

The Progressive Policy Institute has released a paper proposing an expansion of the US Earned Income Tax Credit, which happens to be one of my favourite policies. It also contains a useful discussion of the various presidential candidates’ proposals to … Continue reading

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