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Estimating Media Slant in Australia

Joshua Gans and I have a new paper out today on media slant. Here’s the abstract (click the title to see the full paper). How Partisan is the Press? Multiple Measures of Media Slant Joshua S. Gans & Andrew Leigh … Continue reading

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Was someone short on fact-checkers?

I generally assume that everyone knows how to use Wikipedia, but it seems not. From today’s Age: Reports suggest that in the 19 American presidential elections between 1888 and 1960, the candidate with a height advantage won all but one. … Continue reading

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Larger Than Life

In general, I have a healthy respect for the news media. But occasionally, things spin  out of control. Somehow, my finding (with Michael Kortt) that there is no wage penalty to being overweight in the Australian labour market got spun … Continue reading

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Can a Randomly Delivered Paper Make you Scared of Tigers?

One of my PhD students, Dinuk Jayasuriya, is giving an interesting seminar next week. All welcome. Time & Date: 9.30 – 11.00am, Friday, 17 April Location: Coombs Building, Seminar Room B Speaker: Dinuk Jayasuriya Topic: “A Randomized Study Investigating State-Run … Continue reading

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Echo Chambers

A great oped from Nicholas Kristof talks about the problems of echo-chambers in the blogosphere.  This resistance to information that doesn’t mesh with our preconceived beliefs afflicts both liberals and conservatives, but a raft of studies shows that it is a … Continue reading

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Sportsplay journalism

I just took a call from an Australian political journalist whose work I’ve admired since the 1980s. The topic of this journalist’s story for tomorrow’s paper: the politics of the 2020 summit. I did something I’ve never done before, and … Continue reading

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Policy-Talkin' Macroeconomists

Can anyone suggest academics who might enjoy speaking to the Australian media about macroeconomics? I tend to decline interviews on this topic, but I’d like to be able to direct journalists to other academic economists. Feel free to nominate others … Continue reading

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