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New thinktank, anyone?

My brother in-law used to work for a US-based thinktank/lobby group called Free Press, which campaigns on ownership and local coverage issues in US media. One of the issues they work on is the homogeneity of coverage in local news broadcasts. … Continue reading

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Correlation Leads, Causation Buried

The editorial in today’s Crikey email contains the best advice to journalists reporting on social science that I’ve seen in a long time. The headline last week promised exciting news: “Geniuses ‘less prone to hangovers’.” Could it be that the same … Continue reading

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Double chins

Ross Gittins today writes up research by David Cutler, Ed Glaeser and Jesse Shapiro, which suggests that the obesity increase over recent decades is largely due to improvements in food technology. Just goes to show that in the Sydney Morning … Continue reading

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Academics – you just never know when they'll turn on you

According to an editorial in the Australian today, I’m part of the solution, and part of the problem. According to research carried out by a pair of economists, Andrew Leigh and Justin Wolfers, Australians are a happy lot, coming in … Continue reading

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Nic Off

I don’t often feel sorry for celebrities, but the media pack swarming like flies around Nicole Kidman’s house is a bit over the top. No great surprise that she doesn’t spend more time in Australia if she can’t even go … Continue reading

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Oldest profession boosts earnings of second-oldest profession

Who would’ve thought that Merrick & Rosso would be the next ones to test the boundaries of the implied freedom of political communication in the Australian Constitution?

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Poll dancing

In a discussion about whether journalism students should know more about economics, Mark Bahnisch said this morning: “I think one thing aspiring journos need is a grasp of social and behavioural statistics and how to interpret them.” And as if … Continue reading

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Reporter, school thyself

Greg Mankiw makes a suggestion that’s apt on both sides of the Pacific. There are probably many reasons why the quality of economics journalism is not better than it is, but an article in today’s Wall Street Journal suggests one … Continue reading

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Richard Carleton

It’s just been announced that 60 Minutes reporter Richard Carleton has died, minutes after asking a question at a press conference at the Beaconsfield mine. He was one of the towering figures of Australian journalism over the past few decades, … Continue reading

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In Slate, Timothy Noah discusses the case of the two US thinktankers who were paid to write op-eds favourable to particular clients – Cato’s Doug Bandow, and Peter Ferrara of the Institute for Policy Innovation. My understanding is that this doesn’t occur … Continue reading

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Zoe Hall

Crikey has been reporting on the Bulletin‘s bizarre decision to publish a 12-page profile of Martin Bryant, the Tasmanian serial killer (more from the Hobart Mercury). Herald Sun editor Peter Blunden has been one of the strongest critics of the … Continue reading

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