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Parochial, US?

When I first visited the US (at age 18), I was struck by how much the mainstream media focused on domestic events. ‘How parochial’, I thought. Not like Australia, where our media covers lots of things happening outside the country. … Continue reading

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Out to pasture

Much as I enjoy new media, I do find it sad when the old stuff goes. So yesterday’s passing of the Bulletin magazine – after 128 years – is sad indeed. As Laurie Oakes said on PM last night, Time … Continue reading

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The Short-Run and Long-Run Effects of Violent Movies

I blogged last year on a paper by Gordon Dahl and Stefano DellaVigna, looking at the impact of movie releases on violent crime. To jog your memory, here’s the abstract: Does Movie Violence Increase Violent Crime? Gordon Dahl & Stefano DellaVigna … Continue reading

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If it leads, it pleads

My AFR oped today is on the impact of the news media on disaster relief. Full text over the fold.

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Well, he does represent Paddington

In releasing our candidate gender paper yesterday, Amy King and I wrote in the press release: In a federal electorate with 100,000 voters, this means that a woman running for office would receive 600 fewer votes than a man representing … Continue reading

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When no news is good news

I’d been worried that spending the past two weeks out of Australia would mean missing a thrilling few opening weeks of the election campaign. But as far as I can tell from reading the news online, it’s been about the … Continue reading

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Good Times

The New York Times, a newspaper that some of us rather like, has just announced that it’s bringing down its paywall. As the article states: In addition to opening the entire site to all readers, The Times will also make … Continue reading

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