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I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out

Another of my favourite sports economics papers – which I didn’t have time to mention in this week’s AFR oped – is this one, on hockey violence. An ambitious economics student could easily replicate it for rugby league, I would’ve … Continue reading

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Giving economics a sporting chance

My AFR oped today is on sports economics. Full text over the fold.

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Testing the Tanking Theory

Amidst all the media coverage of Tony Liberatore’s claims about Carlton ‘tanking’, it’s surprising that no-one in the media seems to have quoted from our own expert on this, Melbourne University Professor Jeff Borland. Here’s his summary, from a 2006 … Continue reading

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Sport as Social Policy?

In the context of Indigenous disadvantage, Francis Xavier Holden floats an idea I’ve never heard before. I’ve thought for a long time that one simple big idea that would contribute to Aboriginal wellbeing would be to locate one AFL team … Continue reading

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Of Steroids and Stats

Red Sox fan Justin Wolfers (and his Wharton coauthors) have a carefully-written piece in today’s NYT, looking at whether Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens’ late-career success was statistically atypical.

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Weekend Bleg

When I was a kid, every bicycle store and department store used to sell AM/FM radios that could be mounted on bicycle handlebars. Since I have a half-hour cycle to and fro work each day, I’d rather like to be … Continue reading

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Walking Off into the Sunset

According to recent reports*, racewalking looks like being cut from the Commonwealth Games program permanently. I think this would be a pity if it happened. I spent most of my highschool evenings training as a racewalker. Indeed, the one national medal … Continue reading

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