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I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out

Another of my favourite sports economics papers – which I didn’t have time to mention in this week’s AFR oped – is this one, on hockey violence. An ambitious economics student could easily replicate it for rugby league, I would’ve … Continue reading

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Giving economics a sporting chance

My AFR oped today is on sports economics. Full text over the fold.

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Testing the Tanking Theory

Amidst all the media coverage of Tony Liberatore’s claims about Carlton ‘tanking’, it’s surprising that no-one in the media seems to have quoted from our own expert on this, Melbourne University Professor Jeff Borland. Here’s his summary, from a 2006 … Continue reading

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Sport as Social Policy?

In the context of Indigenous disadvantage, Francis Xavier Holden floats an idea I’ve never heard before. I’ve thought for a long time that one simple big idea that would contribute to Aboriginal wellbeing would be to locate one AFL team … Continue reading

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Of Steroids and Stats

Red Sox fan Justin Wolfers (and his Wharton coauthors) have a carefully-written piece in today’s NYT, looking at whether Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens’ late-career success was statistically atypical.

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Weekend Bleg

When I was a kid, every bicycle store and department store used to sell AM/FM radios that could be mounted on bicycle handlebars. Since I have a half-hour cycle to and fro work each day, I’d rather like to be … Continue reading

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Walking Off into the Sunset

According to recent reports*, racewalking looks like being cut from the Commonwealth Games program permanently. I think this would be a pity if it happened. I spent most of my highschool evenings training as a racewalker. Indeed, the one national medal … Continue reading

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Is calling a foul a black & white decision?

Justin Wolfers has a piece of research featured on the front page of the New York Times today. And it’s a very nice story. A coming paper by a University of Pennsylvania professor and a Cornell University graduate student says … Continue reading

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The Sun Also Sets

Here’s how the London Sun and the Herald Sun reported the Ashes news. Note that the image is from the back of the London Sun – the loss didn’t even make their front page.

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One for the tragics

In case you thought cricket betting markets were merely a bit of fun, a pair of Australian researchers from the University of Newcastle are here to tell you that they’re also highly efficient. An Examination of In-play Sports Betting Using One-Day … Continue reading

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Government Managing Risk

My colleague Professor Bruce Chapman has a new book out on income-contingent loans, entitled Government Managing Risk: Income-Contingent Loans for Social and Economic Progress. The book discusses ways in which the HECS model for student loans could be applied to … Continue reading

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Putting the boff back into boffin

Enterprising Monash University student Greg Hill has applied prediction markets to a very Australian problem – which AFL team will be the next to have a player appear in court facing criminal charges? Here’s his description: As part of The … Continue reading

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Death, Taxes, and Soccer

On this black armband morning, Joshua and I have written up our death and taxes piece in The Age. It’s exactly as we wrote it, except that the sub-editor apparently thought it would be a good idea to replace “decedents” (dead … Continue reading

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I'll bet they're shaking in their boot

Well, I’ll be durned. Tradesports has Australia a 25% chance of beating Italy (1am Tue). Admittedly, it also says that our chance of taking the Cup back to Sydney are about 0.8%.

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What a game. As one of the SMH commenters put it, “all hail Tim Cahill”. According to Centrebet, we’re now the 12th most likely team to win the Cup. Overnight, the Socceroos’ odds dropped from 80:1 to 51:1.

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The Cup Runneth Over

Rank and Vile has a nice discussion of soccer from the viewpoint of an AFL fan. He quotes a forum member from the Melbourne Victory board: Australian Rules barrackers are baffled by the low-scoring nature of football. They are used … Continue reading

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