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Is calling a foul a black & white decision?

Justin Wolfers has a piece of research featured on the front page of the New York Times today. And it’s a very nice story. A coming paper by a University of Pennsylvania professor and a Cornell University graduate student says … Continue reading

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The Sun Also Sets

Here’s how the London Sun and the Herald Sun reported the Ashes news. Note that the image is from the back of the London Sun – the loss didn’t even make their front page.

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One for the tragics

In case you thought cricket betting markets were merely a bit of fun, a pair of Australian researchers from the University of Newcastle are here to tell you that they’re also highly efficient. An Examination of In-play Sports Betting Using One-Day … Continue reading

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Government Managing Risk

My colleague Professor Bruce Chapman has a new book out on income-contingent loans, entitled Government Managing Risk: Income-Contingent Loans for Social and Economic Progress. The book discusses ways in which the HECS model for student loans could be applied to … Continue reading

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Putting the boff back into boffin

Enterprising Monash University student Greg Hill has applied prediction markets to a very Australian problem – which AFL team will be the next to have a player appear in court facing criminal charges? Here’s his description: As part of The … Continue reading

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Death, Taxes, and Soccer

On this black armband morning, Joshua and I have written up our death and taxes piece in The Age. It’s exactly as we wrote it, except that the sub-editor apparently thought it would be a good idea to replace “decedents” (dead … Continue reading

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I'll bet they're shaking in their boot

Well, I’ll be durned. Tradesports has Australia a 25% chance of beating Italy (1am Tue). Admittedly, it also says that our chance of taking the Cup back to Sydney are about 0.8%.

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