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Tax and Skills

Earlier this year, the Henry tax review (aka AFTS) commissioned me to write a paper on the tax treatment of education. They’ve now posted it on their website. Here’s the executive summary (click on the title for the full paper). … Continue reading

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Superannuation co-contribution, jam choice, and taxation

The Henry tax review has posted an interesting paper on its website. Behavioural economics and complex decision making: implications for the Australian tax and transfer system by Andrew Reeson and Simon Dunstall, CSIRO This paper summarises the relevant literature (from … Continue reading

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Stamp Duty and the Housing Market

I have a new paper out, looking at the impact of stamp duty on the housing market. Methodologically, the question turns out to be slightly tricky – because stamp duty is a mechanical function of house prices, a regression of … Continue reading

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Conference on Intergenerational Mobility

On Monday 30 November, I’m running a conference at ANU on ‘The Economics of Intergenerational Mobility’. This is an area I’ve been interested in since 2007, when I wrote what I’m pretty sure was the first paper estimating the intergenerational … Continue reading

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Dealing With Age Inflation

My op-ed today proposes a systematic fix to the lobbyist-laden bunfight that seems to accompany every proposal to change a statutory age limit. I argue that we should index legislated ages to longevity improvements. Full text below.

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What Tax Researchers Can Learn from Psychology

A splendid new paper sums up some of the interesting developments in the field known as behavioral public finance (I wrote about this in my AFR column recently). The abstract is below, and some choice snippets are over the fold. … Continue reading

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When Ignorance Isn’t Bliss

My oped today is on the role of information in tax reform. Full text over the fold.

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