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The 123s of the 456

We’ve just finished watching Torchwood’s new “Children of Earth” series… (Spoiler over the fold)

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Of Media Tarts and Maternity Leave

Gweneth today took Sebastian along to the Democrats and Greens’ launch of their paid maternity leave policy.* Turned out there were only a handful of babies in the room. While the other babies were featured on various news outlets,  Sebastian … Continue reading

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Occupational hazards

Must get out of the habit of watching Today Tonight with a laptop. Their reporter (in a very serious voice): The trouble is, no-one knows how many people are working three or more jobs. Me: Really? Surely we could look at … Continue reading

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Torchwood and the Cross

We’ve just finished watching the first season of Torchwood on DVD, which is kinda cheating, since TV viewers are only up to Episode 10. As Dr Who fans, we were suckers for the series from the outset, but I was … Continue reading

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Less Catalyst, More Crystal Balls

Over at Catallaxy, ScepticLawyer takes a swing at the ABC for its decision to swap Catalyst for 15 weeks of a show called “Psychic Investigations”. I hope this doesn’t become a habit for them.

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How well did the betting market pick the Logan twins as the eventual BB05 winner? The answer is that it depends when you checked them. In May, not long after the markets opened, the Logans were favourite. But in June, … Continue reading

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Who's Playing the Game?

Any Big Brother fans with a bit of time on their hands?* One of the questions that keeps being asked is "who’s playing the game?". And one way to find out who’s playing most tactically would be to look at … Continue reading

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The Funny Shall Inherit the Earth

Centrebet‘s Big Brother odds have shifted since I last looked at them, with meek ‘n mild Tim taking over from Logan as favourite. Centrebet’s current odds are: TIM 2.60 KATE 3.25 LOGAN (DAVID/GREG) 3.25 CHRISTIE 7.50 GLENN 13.00 DEAN 15.00 … Continue reading

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