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Free Conference Tickets

I’m speaking at this year’s ‘Policy Exchange’ conference, organised by the thinktank Per Capita. They’ve offered me two free invitations to the conference (valued at $1089 apiece), so I thought it might be nice to allocate them to blog readers. … Continue reading

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The Australian Institute for Public Policy

According to ABC news, Australia is to get another thinktank, with the Commonwealth and Victorian governments announcing the establishment of the University of Melbourne-based Australian Institute for Public Policy. More players in the ideas space must be a good thing, but … Continue reading

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Wanna Run a Thinktank?

With Clive Hamilton due to step down on 29 Feb 2008, the Australia Institute is looking for a new executive director. Details here. Applications close 13 Dec 2007.

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Young (Progressive) Writers Competition

The Australian Fabians are running a young writers’ competition, for those aged 18-28. First prize is a trip to London, to work in the thinktank Demos for a month. Second prize is the chance to intern at Demos Australia (aka … Continue reading

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Per Capita Acquires Human Capital

I posted last year on the fact that progressive thinktank Per Capita was searching for senior staff. One of the successful candidates just sent me a note to let me know the results. Andrew   Just a note to let … Continue reading

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Should charity begin – and end – at home?

On many issues, such as higher education, the Centre for Independent Studies seems to care deeply about facts and data. But on certain topics, it seems only too happy to throw evidence out the window in favour of rhetoric. One … Continue reading

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Psst – wanna run a thinktank?

A new Melbourne-based progressive thinktank, “Per Capita”, is looking for an executive director. The ad is over the fold.

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My onetime coauthor Rob Atkinson has left the Progressive Policy Institute to form the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation. Rob is one of the most prolific thinktank writers inside the beltway, so it should be interesting to see what his … Continue reading

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In Slate, Timothy Noah discusses the case of the two US thinktankers who were paid to write op-eds favourable to particular clients – Cato’s Doug Bandow, and Peter Ferrara of the Institute for Policy Innovation. My understanding is that this doesn’t occur … Continue reading

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