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Shutting gates after bolted horses

I know security measures are typically designed to catch the last terrorism attempt rather than the next one, but this is ridiculous: Transportation authorities began imposing tighter security measures at airports on Saturday and ordered new restrictions governing the activities … Continue reading

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Keeping you safe, one queue at a time

A paper in the latest issue of the Journal of Law and Economics demonstrates the welfare cost of more stringent security at US airports. The Impact of Post 9/11 Airport Security Measures on the Demand for Air Travel Garrick Blalock, … Continue reading

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Flying Low

There are many wonderful things about the US. Its airports are not among them. As Joshua Gans mentioned recently (in wishfully-numbered post 787), America’s flying delays seem far worse than in Australia or Europe. We’re presently flying back from Philly to … Continue reading

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A day with the pinstripers

I went up to the Bronx yesterday to see the New York Yankees play the LA Angels. Glorious scorcher of a cloudless day, and a packed stadium. The Yankees beat the Angels 12-0, so it wasn’t exactly nail-biting, but the fans … Continue reading

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I’ve just arrived in the city so good they named it twice, where I’ll be visiting New York University for a month. With a four month old son, we approached the Australia-US flight with some trepidation. But as it turned out, he … Continue reading

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Red Faces, Red Cents, and Red Ken

I have a piece in today’s AFR on the economics and politics of congestion fees. Full text over the fold. (There’s a slight irony in the timing of this piece. I normally cycle to work, but because of the rain … Continue reading

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Taswegian Telephony

I’ve been showing my in-laws around central and western Tasmania over the past week. It turns out that Optus mobile phones don’t work on the west coast of Tassie, and broadband is still just a name for the all-female singing group … Continue reading

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Don't bother with the life jackets

For anyone who flies regularly, the Economist’s truthful flight safety annoucement is a must-read.

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Teacher Talk

Back in May, I arranged to present September seminars at the University of NSW and the University of Sydney. What I didn’t check was to make sure they were spaced out a bit. So in a boon to Qantas, I’m … Continue reading

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Orroroo Roadtrip

Spent the weekend in South Australia (exciting new slogan: “SA, where less is always more”). I was there first for a labour econometrics workshop (attended by, among others, Derrida Derider, a regular commenter on the Ozblogosphere), and then for a … Continue reading

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Counting the expats

To coincide with the Australian census on August 8, the expat organisation Advance is running its own census of Australians abroad. Cleverly, the way they get you to do the census is to join their organisation. To participate, click here. … Continue reading

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Things you think of when waiting for a flight….

Every major city in Ohio (Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Canton) starts with a C. Is there some story behind this?

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Land of the Free (Wi-fi)

There are probably hotels in Australia that offer free wireless broadband to their customers. If so, I’ve never stayed in one. By contrast, I haven’t been able to find a hotel in the US that doesn’t offer wi-fi. Even the … Continue reading

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From Arkansas to Mississippi

We started our Arkansas day with (what else) a visit to Bill Clinton’s presidential museum in Little Rock. It’s located in an area of the town that had become pretty run down, and the architecture of the place is quite innovative, … Continue reading

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Alabama to Mississippi

When we were on our way to catch our flight to Birmingham, Alabama, Gweneth and I got chatting with two local women on their way back. Them: Why would you want to go there? Us: For sightseeing. Them: Really? Us: … Continue reading

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Liberté to Choose

I posted the other day on the surprising number of flags in the streets of Germany. We’ve been in Paris for the past few days (I’m currently surfing off the Sorbonne’s wireless network), and the surprising thing here is that there’s not … Continue reading

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The rise of German nationalism

We’re in Coburg, Germany, visting friends for a few days. I was in Germany during the 2002 World Cup, and vividly remember that in the streets of Berlin there were more Turkish flags after a Turkish victory than there were German … Continue reading

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I suspect the Pezzutti-Kelly Italy transcripts will mark the last time that members of parliament release transcripts of their meetings to the public.

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A rather odd oped by Khadija Carroll in today’s SMH bemoans the fact that current Aussie students at Harvard aren’t doing sufficiently worthy research. Although I was also a Frank Knox scholar at Harvard, I didn’t overlap with Khadija, but … Continue reading

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When living in the US, I would often describe my academic speciality to Americans, and have them mis-hear me in a very consistent way. But after 10 months back in Australia I’d forgotten how my accent and field interact. Which … Continue reading

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Land of the Golden Angels

Macgregor and I are doing a four-day roadtrip next week, starting from Salt Lake City. We chose it because neither of us have been to Utah before. Does anyone have any "must sees" in that part of the world?

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