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Shutting gates after bolted horses

I know security measures are typically designed to catch the last terrorism attempt rather than the next one, but this is ridiculous: Transportation authorities began imposing tighter security measures at airports on Saturday and ordered new restrictions governing the activities … Continue reading

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Keeping you safe, one queue at a time

A paper in the latest issue of the Journal of Law and Economics demonstrates the welfare cost of more stringent security at US airports. The Impact of Post 9/11 Airport Security Measures on the Demand for Air Travel Garrick Blalock, … Continue reading

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Flying Low

There are many wonderful things about the US. Its airports are not among them. As Joshua Gans mentioned recently (in wishfully-numbered post 787), America’s flying delays seem far worse than in Australia or Europe. We’re presently flying back from Philly to … Continue reading

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A day with the pinstripers

I went up to the Bronx yesterday to see the New York Yankees play the LA Angels. Glorious scorcher of a cloudless day, and a packed stadium. The Yankees beat the Angels 12-0, so it wasn’t exactly nail-biting, but the fans … Continue reading

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I’ve just arrived in the city so good they named it twice, where I’ll be visiting New York University for a month. With a four month old son, we approached the Australia-US flight with some trepidation. But as it turned out, he … Continue reading

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Red Faces, Red Cents, and Red Ken

I have a piece in today’s AFR on the economics and politics of congestion fees. Full text over the fold. (There’s a slight irony in the timing of this piece. I normally cycle to work, but because of the rain … Continue reading

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Taswegian Telephony

I’ve been showing my in-laws around central and western Tasmania over the past week. It turns out that Optus mobile phones don’t work on the west coast of Tassie, and broadband is still just a name for the all-female singing group … Continue reading

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