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Crafty Mothers

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that Duke University is planning to publish the PhD thesis of S. Ann Dunham, the late mother of President Obama. Titled Surviving Against the Odds: Village Industry in Indonesia, it is a study carried … Continue reading

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Do you see Obama as Black or White?

[Tirta Susilo is a PhD student in psychology, and a co-author of mine on a recent study, published in (appropriately enough) the Journal of Economic Psychology. Tirta has written a guest-post on some fascinating new research about skin colour and … Continue reading

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Local lads

My father – presently in Malaysia – emails an observation about the US Presidential race. This must be the very first US election where the candidates of both major political parties each spent some years living in Southeast Asia, our … Continue reading

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A question of Vice

Who will be Obama’s running mate? According to Intrade, Clinton is the favourite, with a 24% chance. Next in line is Virginia Senator Jim Webb (19%) and Bill Richardson (8%). And reflecting the huge degree of uncertainty in such a pick, … Continue reading

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Obama in St Paul

If you haven’t yet seen it, I can highly recommend watching Obama’s victory speech in St Paul, Minnesota (link above, transcript here). Behind his Philadelphia race speech, I think it’s the best of his career. (Clinton’s concession speech yesterday was also pretty good, though … Continue reading

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Thanks for the votes

At 39, Dalton Conley is the chair of the New York University department of sociology. He’s also one of my favourite sociologists, having written about race, class, health, and biology. His work ranges across lived experience (including Honky, a superbly written … Continue reading

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Leadership by the Famous Paul 't Hart

My political science colleague Paul ‘t Hart is giving a talk on Wednesday (details here) on the topic ‘Leadership by the Famous: Celebrity as Political Capital’. Here’s the paper. For a more ascerbic perspective on the same topic, here’s Michael … Continue reading

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