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Powerpoint bleg

I’m a big fan of the look of LaTeX Beamer presentations, but am reluctant to switch over from Powerpoint (partly because of inevitable switching costs, partly because I hear that Beamer isn’t particularly good at handling graphics). Does anyone know of … Continue reading

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Public policy by revolving restaurant

Peter Martin has a lovely column in today’s Canberra Times, using a metaphor that will appeal most to his local audience. Pointing out that the Telstra Tower was rendered unnecessary within a few years of its construction, he asks whether Labor’s … Continue reading

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Jobs Talk '08

So it looks like Australia will have the iPhone 2.0 within a month or two. If you believe the NYT, it will be at the same price as Americans. If you believe the SMH, it could cost Australians a lot … Continue reading

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Why work when you can click on the "X added you as a friend on Facebook" email?

Tech-term of the week is ‘bacn’. As Eric Skiff describes it: Bacn refers to emails that you want, but don’t want to deal with right now, like that newsletter that you signed up for that you never really have time to … Continue reading

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Web 2.0

I’ve come across two fascinating uses for the Internet recently. My brother-in-law Russell Newman has been involved with a blog discussion of broadband policy by the 2nd-raking Democrat in the Senate, Dick Durbin. Dubbed Legislation 2.0, it’s hoped that the … Continue reading

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Strike up the (broad)band

Joshua Gans has released a new discussion paper. Unless someone printed out this blog for you, you’ll probably be interested in what he has to say. I have come to the conclusion that, given the constraints we face today, that … Continue reading

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Enlightenment bleg

For a research project, I’m trying to code up the lightness/darkness of about 100 black-and-white headshots of people. All the photos are currently in PDF, but could be exported into any other format. Does anyone know of software that would … Continue reading

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The G Spot

Those whacky folks at Google seem to be justifying their steadily-rising share price. From the latest "Google friends" newsletter: When you want to see the value of one currency in relation to another, simply enter the conversion you’d like done … Continue reading

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