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What I’m reading

A trip to Sweden at the end of May turned out to be a good way to catch up on some overdue books. A few recommendations: Ben McNeil, The Clean Industrial Revolution: a young Australian scientist’s take on how Australia … Continue reading

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What I've been reading

So much good stuff I feel spoiled. Paul Collier’s The Bottom Billion is a splendid data-driven romp through development economics, and what we can do to make a difference, particularly when it comes to thorny topics of corruption and conflict (HT: … Continue reading

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Inequality Reading

I’ve just finished reading two books about inequality. One is a beautifully written (and short) tome by Robert Frank, entitled Falling Behind: How Rising Inequality Harms the Middle Class. Over the years, many people have argued that one of the costs of inequality … Continue reading

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Books I can recommend

From Sebastian’s shelf: Penguin, by Polly Dunbar (purchased with Nicholas Gruen’s 50% off voucher, valid until 22 Nov) Moo, Baa, La La La, Sandra Boynton Alphabet, Alison Jay That’s Not my Lion, Watt & Wells But not the Hippopotamus, Sandra … Continue reading

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Conversations about Capitalism

In the latest issue of Reason Magazine, economist Deirdre McCloskey has a beautifully-penned article about Galbraith, Schumpeter, economics and rhetoric. Definitely worth a read, particularly the parts about Galbraith’s zingers and Schumpeter’s three great ambitions.

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What I've been reading

Murray Goot and Tim Rowse’s Divided Nation: Indigenous Australians in Australian Political Culture. Definitely the go-to book for anyone wanting to know what Australians think about Indigenous policy. Two facts that were new to me are that in 1965, 52% of Perth … Continue reading

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I just came across a list of the 20 Australian books that were most often borrowed from Australian libraries in 2004-05. Number one is Mem Fox’s Possum Magic. One of my all-time favourite books – Tim Winton’s Dirt Music – came in … Continue reading

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